Coresytems Roadmap 2019

Coresytems Roadmap 20192019-03-20T11:18:16+00:00

Improvements and New Features

Improved Sip Management

Coresuite Accounting
Improved Journal Voucher Import

Coresuite Customize
Coresuite Service Customize for HANA

Swiss Payment
Support of Camt.54
Improved error handling in Swiss Payment Wizard
QR-code interpretation for Domestic and Foreign payments
API extension for “Record payment slips”

Unify Installation Process

Coresuite Cube
Final extension of Finance Cube

Swiss Payment
Align with Postfinance change

Coresuite Designer
“Coresuite Designer as a Service”

Coresuite Enterprise Search
Support Enterprise Search on HANA

All Modules:
Improve and extend Documentation
Improve Performance and Stability
Support new SAP Web Client

Support SAP hosted environment

Support Coresuite Cube on HANA


Integration of Service Layer

Coresystems Roadmap 2019