Our team

As seen in our story, we are unreasonably picky about our peers. This sentiment applies to our executives as well. Our management team consists of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. We all are dedicated to our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.


Walter Kiesinger | CEO Coresystems

Walter Kiesinger


Finance / Admin

Alexander Thomas | Coresystems

Alexander Thoma


Patrizia Münch | Coresystems

Patrizia Münch


Patrizia Münch | Coresystems

Silvia Vieira

Finance Specialist

Marco De Rinaldis | Coresystems

Marco De Rinaldis

Finance & Administrative Assistant


Michael Berkowsky | Coresystems

Michael Berkowsky

Head of Business Solutions CH

Coresystems | Matthias Butz

Matthias Butz

Head of Business Solutions DE

Sebastian Bierer | Coresystems

Sebastian Bierer
Maik Diessner | Coresystems AG

Maik Diessner
Markus Kobi | Coresystems

Markus Kobi
Robin Krietsch | Coresystems

Robin Krietsch
Angana Maity | Coresystems

Angana Maity
Libor Mego | Coresystems

Libor Mego
Osama Safi | Coresystems

Osama Safi
Marcel Möhlen | Coresystems

Marcel Möhlen
Fabian Zubler | Coresystems

Fabian Zubler
Simone Sutter | Coresystems

Simone Sutter
Emilia Baumann | Coresystems

Emilia Baumann

This could be you!


Sonja Altschuh

Head of Development

Pedro Magueija | Coresystems

Pedro Magueija
Anders Olsson | Coresystems

Anders Olsson
Stavros Kontovas Coresystems

Stavros Kontovas
Mauro Lupo | Coresystems

Mauro Lupo
Marek Takac | Coresystems

Marek Takac

Human Resources

Chantal Kramer | Coresystems

Chantal Kramer-Grenacher

Head of HR

Hanna Bergner

Internal IT

Daniel Inderbinen | Coresystems

Daniel Inderbinen

Head of IT

Marek Giesen | Coresystems

Marek Giesen
Markus Rueegg | Coresystems

Markus Rüegg

Partner Management / Channel Sales

Fabienne Schuler | Coresystems

Fabienne Schuler

Head of Partner Management

Stefanie Huber | Coresystems

Stefanie Huber
Marielen Pasini | Coresystems

Marielen Pasini
Raphael Hübner

Raphael Hübner
Dominik Leuenberger

Dominik Leuenberger
Bernhard Weiersmueller | Coresystems

Bernhard Weiersmüller

Sales & Marketing

Kay Diederen

Account Manager

Sina Guler

Marketing Specialist


Simon Kaufmann | Coresystems

Simon Kaufman

Head of Support

Karin Ahrens | Coresystems

Karin Ahrens
Ron Almogi, Coresystems

Ron Almogi
Oleh Fabri | Coresystems

Oleh Fabri
Roger Grenacher | Coresystems

Roger Grenacher
Cyril Roth | Coresystems

Cyril Roth
Tuelin Sivri | Coresystems

Tülin Sivri
Andrej Uhlar | Coresystems

Andrej Uhlar
Karsten Amrein | Coresystems AG

Karsten Amrein
Alberto Torres

Alberto Torres
Sergio Escobar | Coresystems AG

Sergio Escobar

Board of Directors

Frédéric Chanson | Coresystems

Frédéric Chanson

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Frédéric Chanson is a lawyer by education with over 30 years experience in both listed and private equity investments.

Formerly a Director with Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG, he co-founded the investment boutique Firminvest AG in Zurich in 1995, where assets are managed on behalf of its international clientele. He is an anchor investor in Coresystems.

Manuel Grenacher

Member of the Board of Directors, Founder of Coresystems AG

Manuel Grenacher is a tech entrepreneur with a strong drive to achieve and a vision to transform the customer service experience using Crowd technology.

With a proven track record for vision and leadership, his achievements have been recognized by Gartner, CIO Magazine, the Swiss Economic Council and Ernst & Young’s Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.